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Offering new solutions for collecting sales/use tax and reporting to the States.  Particularly suited for small to medium sized e-commerce retailers who prefer to keep these processes in-house, TaxCompliant solutions allow more local control with less reliance on outside services, and at a reasonably low cost.

What Is TaxCompliant.net All About?

Are you an internet retailer and confused about collecting sales tax?  Reviewing available services about this subject can quickly become mind blowing:   Should I collect sales tax?   If I do collect the tax, how do I report it to the states?  Should I use outside services to assist me?  If so, how much will it cost?  How much control do I have over the process?  What do I expect from my tax professional and accountant?  Etc. Etc.

The list of questions seems endless, and it is important that you review all available resources before tackling the subject of sales tax compliance.  The subject is complicated.  There are 45 states with sales and use tax laws and over 12,000 tax jurisdictions.  Clearly, computer applications offering access to up-to-date tax rates, and the proper application of those rates to your company’s sales transactions, will be necessary for you to become tax compliant.  Based on your requirements, and the scale of your business, TaxCompliant.net may be your best, most cost effective, solution.

How does TaxCompliant.net differ from other Sales Tax providers?  Like other providers, TaxCompliant.net links its sales/use tax files to the retailer’s shopping cart software (currently TaxCompliant.net only supports Magento community editions).  This “link” is done either by importing tax rates into Magento e-commerce or by Magento accessing the TaxCompliant.net API online.  The API returns the rate and tax related data back to Magento where the tax calculation is done and reports are generated.  In other provider applications, the API stores the tax data and then provides reports back to the user and prepares and submits tax returns to the States.  The TaxCompliant API does not perform the report function; the API simply provides rate and tax information back to Magento where reports are produced.  From these reports the retailer prepares and submits tax returns to the states (along with remittance for taxes collected)–all under the control of the retailer or his or her accountant/tax professional.  For other providers, this function is provided by its online service.  These services may include additional functions such as managing exemptions, reseller permits, tax holidays, etc.–functions that TaxCompliant.net does not provide.  TaxCompliant.net does not store or retain any client tax data on its servers.

Again, the task of collecting and reporting sales/use taxes is extremely complicated–let TaxCompliant help by allowing easy access to tax rates, extensions for Magento e-commerce, and MS Office applications for filing your taxes and updating your local accounting.

Please give us a look.  Explore this web site’s tabs, look at examples, check out the  links to word documents and videos–then send us a note if you need more information.  We hope everything on our site is clearly stated and  easy to understand, including prices for downloads,  etc.  Check out the How To tab and if you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

As a tax firm, TaxCompliant takes great care to assure that tax rates are accurate and up-to-date.    Rates are available in files that can be downloaded from this site and then imported into your e-commerce system, or they may be accessed through online lookup with the Magento Advance extension installed.  To check the accuracy of our rates, you may use our lookup tool on this site–You do not need to register to use this tool.  You may also find it convenient to use our App to find rates and tax location codes using your mobile device.

Taxcompliant also provides Microsoft Excel and Access Database applications for preparation of State tax returns and integration with Quickbooks accounting.  These applications take sales data exported from Magento e-commerce with Taxcompliant extensions installed (discussed in the Tax Files and Special Application tabs of this web site).  Please note that specialized software is not required.  Microsoft Office applications, Excel and Access, and Quickbooks accounting are the standard software tools used for these applications.

Click here for a Word document demonstrating TaxCompliant products, ranging from tax file imports to tax reports and Quickbooks integration.

Taxcompliant.net Products:

—  Sales Tax files for all 45 states (those with sales tax).  These files are text files in .csv format, and can be imported into the Magento e-commerce platform (community editions) or other e-commerce applications which allow import of sales tax rates by zipcode.  TaxCompliant’s files have expanded fields to include tax jurisdiction codes, descriptions, and special identifiers as to whether shipping charges are taxable (varies from state to state). These additional fields can improve the accuracy of taxes collected, as well as the accuracy for tax returns submitted to the states (also simplifying and making much easier the task of preparing those returns).  To use these expanded fields in Magento e-commerce, the TaxCompliant Magento import extension must be installed. Or, if the online lookup is preferred (import files are not required) the Magento Advance extension must be installed.  In either case, the extension features a sales tax report that includes zip code, tax jurisdiction, sales, and other tax data.

Extensions for Magento e-commerce.  Magento e-commerce applications allow the import of tax rates by zip code and produce specific reports for sales transactions.  The standard Magento import function does not include tax location or descriptive data, nor do the reports provide tax details necessary for filing State tax returns. TaxCompliant extensions expand the capability to import tax specific data as well as produce export reports for sales and tax totals by zip code and tax location. The exported files, in text csv format, can then be integrated into standard Microsoft office applications for generating tax return reports and updating Quickbooks accounting.  Examples of these processes are in the Special Applications Tab.

Special Applications for Tax Return Preparation and Quickbooks Accounting.  Reports generated with TaxCompliant extensions can be imported into special Microsoft office applications for integration with Quickbooks accounting and assistance for tax return preparation.  These applications include a Microsoft Access data base application for consolidating data by zip code and tax location, a Microsoft Excel application for generating tax return reports for all states (having sales taxes), and a Microsoft Excel application for converting the report data  to text .iif format for import into Quickbooks accounting. More information and examples using sample report data are contained in the Special Applications tab and in this Word document.