How To

Our “How To” page offers more detail about TaxCompliant products and how you might use them for your e-commerce business.  In the  sections below, we offer videos and Word documents which include detailed descriptions of these products as well  as step by step instructions for implementing them in your software.

  1.  An overview of TaxCompliant productsClick here for a Word document showing examples of tax files and reports that begin with downloading tax files to your system,  importing them into Magento,  and then producing tax returns and accounting reports.  You can also view a video of these examples using TaxCompliant models by clicking: ________.
  2. Instructions for installing the Magento_Import extensionClick here for a Word document, “Read Me”, for instructions for installing and configuring the Magento_Import extension.  You can also view these instructions by clicking on this video______________.
  3. Suggestions  for  updating and maintaining tax tables imported into Magento.  Because imported tax files may include thousands of entries, the default Magento methods  for  adding, changing or deleting tax records may be insufficient.  Click here for a video demonstration of another approach for handling large import files.
  4. Producing tax reports and State tax returns.  Click here for a video demonstration of producing tax reports using Microsoft Access and Excel applications.  Examples are also  presented in this Word document.
  5. Import into Quickbooks accounting.  Click here for a video demonstration of creating an import file for Quickbooks (in iif format) and the subsequent update of Quickbooks accounts.  Examples are also presented in this Word document.
  6. Instructions for installing the Magento_Advance extensionClick here for a Word document, “Read Me”, for instructions for installing and configuring the Magento_Advance extension.  To make this extension effective, you must also register with TaxCompliant.  The registration identifies the States for which you intend to collect taxes, and whether the taxes are Sales, Use, or no taxes.  The registration also identifies the nexus location (City and Zip Code) for States where you intend to collect Sales tax.  Click here for the registration form which can be submitted either before or after the Magento_Advance extension is installed.  You can view a video of the instructions for installing the Magento_Advance extension and a demonstration of submitting the registration form by clicking here, Installing the Magento_Advance extension and Registering with

If you have any questions, etc. please feel free to contact us directly.