Special Applications

Taxcompliant products should appeal to the retailer who wishes to keep the collection and reporting of sales taxes in-house, and thereby rely on his or her local tax, accounting, and e-commerce software experts.  With sales taxes collected through Magento, with Taxcompliant extensions, the first major hurdle is achieved.  The second hurdle is to report those taxes to the states timely and in accordance with state regulations in effect where ever the sales are made.  And the third hurdle, while perhaps not as legally important as the first two, is to integrate the collection and payment of those taxes into the retailer’s accounting system.

Taxcompliant offers applications which greatly ease the tasks of preparing tax returns and integrating the payment of those taxes into Quickbooks accounting.  These applications use the standard Microsoft Office suite, primarily Excel spreadsheet and Access data base tools. The three applications that we offer utilize the export file generated by the Magento shopping cart, with either the Magento_ Import extension, or the Magento_Advance extension installed.

Before reviewing the applications listed below, it would be helpful to view our demonstration csv file which is in a common format for each application.  The sample file shows sales transactions for California, Texas, and Washington.  Click here to open a Word document showing this file and some sample reports generated from it.  You can also view a video demonstration of steps taken to import this file into each of the applications listed below–see the How To tab.  You may also request special help via e-mail or  Skype–see Contact Us.

Special Applications Offered for Download:

Microsoft Access Data Base:

This download is a Microsoft Access application which simply summarizes data from the Magento export file by state, zip code, and tax location.  This application is compatible for MS Access 2002 and later.  (After downloading, make sure you “enable content”, which allows MS Basic macros to operate.)  See examples for California, Texas, and Washington in our demonstration Word Document (Section 4).  The report for tax location may be sufficient for preparing state returns where only tax location (districts) are required.  However, for those states having multiple taxes in each location, i. e. state, county, and local option combined, the Microsoft Excel application may be preferable.  The Microsoft Data Base Application is offered at no charge.


MS Excel Tax Preparation:

Microsoft Excel applications display tax data in individual worksheets for each state.  The process is similar to that used for the Access Data Base (where the tax csv file is imported into the application) and tax worksheets are generated by visual basic macros included with the application.  For those states where tax forms are publicly available, the worksheets are produced as facsimiles of the actual state forms.  See examples for California, Texas, and Washington in our demonstration Word Document (Section 5).  For those states where forms are not publicly available, the tax results are displayed in spreadsheet form.  In either case, the data can be transferred to the actual form provided from the state, when the retailer is properly registered to collect and submit the tax.  The price for each of these downloads is $39.95.

These downloads are effective for the 4th Quarter 2017, and will be updated quarterly.

  • This application includes tax worksheets for California, Washington, Florida, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Hawaii, Idaho, Washington D.C., Indiana, and Michigan.
  • This application includes tax worksheets for Georgia, Iowa, North Dakota, South Carolina, Missouri, Virginia, West Virginia, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and Vermont.
  • This application includes tax worksheets for Texas, South Dakota, Rhode Island, Utah, Arkansas, Maine, Oklahoma, Alabama, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Mississippi, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Kansas, and Maryland.

MS Excel Quickbooks Conversion:

This application converts the tax csv file to a file format (iif) recognized by Quickbooks accounting.  The Excel routine is menu driven, and requires the user to identify accounts and other parameters set up in Quickbooks.  See a conversion example in our demonstration Word Document (Section 6).  Additional details are available in the How To tab.  The price for this download is $39.95.